5 ways you can tell that its time to rebuild your website

Its never easy to hear.  Your friends tell you, your employees tell you, your customers tell you, but you don’t want to believe it.  Sometimes you just need to face the facts; your website sucks.  Here are 5 ways you can tell that its time to rebuild your website.

1) Outdated information

If clients are calling disconnected phone numbers and your latest press release is from 2003 then you’ve got a problem.  It is absolutely imperative that you keep the information on your website current.  If that is too difficult, then perhaps you need to consider number 2.

2) Old content management system (or none at all)

If number 2 is an issue for you then the reason is probably that you have an old content management system, or none at all.  Content management systems are software that reside on your web server that make it easy for a non-technical user to make simple changes to a website.  Nowadays there are several extremely good, free, open-source content management systems that work with every size site from a couple of pages of brochure ware to a robust database driven site.  Older content management systems may be clunky and hard to use,  often making it more difficult to update the website than if there were none at all.  Every modern website needs a modern content management system.  Unfortunately, it is not something that can be added on, the site must be built from the ground up with one of these packages

3) Poorly organized content

Research has shown that if a user cannot find what their looking for on your site within 3 clicks then they will leave.  If your site is large and convoluted or hard to navigate, then it’s time to rethink the way the content is organized.

4) Design trends have changed

You’re not still wearing tie dye shirts and sporting the side ponytail (at least I hope you’re not) so why should you’re website look like it’s stuck in the 80′s.  Online trends change quickly and you need to keep up.  If customers come to your site and think it looks outdated then, that is how they are going to think about your company.  If you portray a clean up-to-date look then your clients will get the perception that you are on top of your industry’s trends as well.

5) Your site looks really really tiny

As hardware improves the sizes of monitors increase, and the standard screen resolution of monitors also increases.  If your site was built to an older standard you may need a magnifying glass to view it.  This will create problems with font sizes, readability, and usability.

I’ll try to skip the shameless plug, but if any of these situations applies to your website, then its high time you considered hiring a professional to help you get a fresh start.

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